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New training tools now available

The current market conditions have led a large number of brokers and dealers to ask us for extra training on the tools available in BoatWizard. We are only too pleased to help with this, as it will help prepare you for the market returning in due course.

There are two options open to you:

1. CALL US! Our Account Managers are all working from home, and in an increasing number of cases, hosting custom training calls for individual companies. Just last week, we hosted private dial-in calls with brokers and dealers in the UK, in Spain, in France, in Italy, and in Asia. The new MLS? Soldboats? Pictures? Daily alerts? Let us know what you need help with, and we’ll share what we know with your team.

2. VIDEO TUTORIALS. The new Help Centre in BoatWizard has 180 articles and videos on all aspects of BoatWizard and YachtWorld. Just click on Help Centre above, or head to support.boatwizard.com.

Posted by Alastair Walton
30th March 2020

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