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New LIVE VIDEO TOUR function set for launch this week

With many buyers now unable to travel, the demand for video tours has never been greater. In response to this, we will be launching a new service on 30th April that allows potential buyer to register their interest in taking a personal tour of one of your listings.

How do I activate this?
As you load a boat in to BoatWizard, you will be able shown a new option titled LIVE VIDEO TOUR. Select this is if you have access to the boat in question, and if you are able to stream video from on board using Facetime or Zoom. This will activate an icon on YachtWorld.com for buyers to see.

What happens next?
A buyer who sees the new LIVE VIDEO TOUR icon will quickly be able to enter his name/phone/email in to a simple form. This will generate an email to you, allowing you to immediately contact the buyer and arrange a time to show him round his chosen boat.

Posted by Alastair Walton
17th April 2020

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